Cremation is a disposition that entails many options and also brings many questions and, sometimes, misconceptions. In Massachusetts, regulations prohibit a funeral home from owning and or operating a crematory. However, it is our role to arrange for the cremation to take place.

The most basic choice would be a direct cremation in which no services are held. However, this is not the only option. Cremation is ultimately a form of disposition in which visiting hours, if desired, still may be held, a funeral mass still may be celebrated, or a funeral service may be conducted. Also, the same services held may take place after the cremation, with the cremains, rather than the body, present.

The decision regarding what to do with the cremains is ultimately a personal preference. Options include burying the cremains, placing them in a niche, scattering the cremains, or keeping the cremains.

We listen to what the family asks for and help them with the decisions that will guide them to make the funeral service they desire both personal and meaningful.

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