Sweeney Brothers Home for Funerals offers individuals and families the option to pre-plan their own funeral arrangements. In many cases individuals choose to prepare in advance of their death, and this preparation involves serious thought as well as courage. Pre-planning can bring order to one’s affairs and provide peace of mind.

The motivation for an individual or a family to pre-plan is clearly unique to their circumstance. A family member may be thinking of those who will be left to handle their situation, or they may simply wish to personalize their own funeral with special and meaningful details. Protecting assets in Medicare and Medicaid situations may be still another factor. In all cases, pre-planning a funeral is tailored to meet the specific needs of families.

Pre-planning and the option of advance funding can provide certain price guarantees that are beneficial to many families.

The Massachusetts Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers has strict regulations protecting consumers from fraud. Families have the option of funding the arrangement with an irrevocable trust or just making their wishes known without any monetary exchange.

Tailored to Your Needs


Our Staff

Our staff will listen to the individual or family’s needs and guide them through the many choices and decisions that will help provide a meaningful and dignified funeral and, ultimately, that all-important peace of mind.